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Belt Promotions



We had a record high turnout on Wednesday for belt promotions as well as the most new belts EVER!!

If you missed out, you really missed out!

We had over 15 members get promoted to the next level. Chris Baker and Bryan Barrick received their long awaited, well deserved BLACK BELTS!!

It is proud moment for me as your coach to be able to help you reach your BJJ achievements! I literally had goose bumps!

As I mentioned at the ceremony, BJJ is a horizontal journey. Those starting are white belts and as you progress you move horizontally towards the black belt season of your journey. Black belts aren’t better than white belts, they have just traveled longer. And that’s exactly why we give respect to those of upper ranks- because they have traveled further down the same road!

The Road is before you. Keep training hard. Don’t stop, even in times of frustration and plateau.

Coach W


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