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Improved Mario Choke


What a great weekend we had with Mario Sperry teaching us some great simple techniques!

If you missed the seminar, don’t worry. I will be putting it up online for you guys to see. Well, at least the stuff that I recorded.

Also, I’ve been doing some thinking. And after much thought, I developed a variation technique from one of Mario’s chokes. I call it the improved Mario choke.

Before anyone gets too excited and calls Mario to tell him that I made a choke that I think is better, just take a look at it yourself. Actually, you’ll have to come to class for me to show you.

I think it’s improved because it works better for me. You be the judge for yourself.

Please don’t think that I’m putting myself anywhere close to the level of Mario Sperry…

I’m just having some fun creating a variation to one of his moves.

Lastly, If you were ever curious who would win a fight between Ironman and Bruce Lee check this out.

See you on the mat,


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