Starting Tuesday, April 5th we will be having a Judo class at 7pm directly following BJJ. This class will be taught by Black Belt Instructor Brian (Breen) Ó Conchubhair. Brian is an Associate Professor in the Department of Irish Language & Literature at the University of Notre Dame. Born in Ireland, he began playing Judo in 1982 at Mizukwai Judo Club and competed successfully in competitions at provincial and national level. Having trained at several clubs in Ireland, he earned his 1st Dan in 1989 by Batsukan. He trained at Lublin (Poland)  and later coached the National University of Ireland, Galway Judo club from 1999-2002.

Judo focuses on throws and is a great complement to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or a stand alone sport. The class is free to try, an additional $20/month for current members and $40/month for non-members.


One Response to “JUDO”

  1. Very excited… I cant wait to meet and train under Sensei O’ Conchubhair. see you tuesday!

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